Before Arrival

What should students bring to the school?

  • Water bottle
  • Appropriate sporting clothes: shorts, T-shirts, tracksuit, sports trainers with non-marking soils
  • Comfortable shoes
  • A raincoat – or an umbrella
  • Sun cream
  • Personal toiletries
  • Travel adaptor

Students staying at schools where towels are not provided will also need to bring their own towels.


Can students access their bedrooms on arrival?

It will depend on the time of their arrival as check-in times vary depending on the school.

TIE staff at the school will be do their best to show the students to their room as soon as possible.

What meals will be provided on arrival day?

It will depend on the arrival time at the school. If the kitchen is closed in the evening, we will provide a cold food option


Is there a damage deposit?

All students staying in residential accommodation are required to pay a damaged deposit on arrival.

The deposit will be returned to the students only upon departure if there is no damage and keys are returned.

TIE reserves the right to keep the damage deposit in case of a lost key or keycard, damage to the room or equipment, or loss of train tickets or travel cards.

Will students’ sharing requests be taken into account?

Students are allocated according to criteria such as supervision ratios, age and gender. Sharing requests will be considered but cannot be guaranteed.

Will male and female students be separated?

Male and female students will be separated by apartments and/or blocks and floors.

What time will the students have to go to bed?

Bedtime is at 22:00 with lights out at 22:30.

Will students be allowed to use the kitchens in their accommodation to cook?

For fire safety reasons students are not allowed to cook.


What meals are provided?

We provide three meals a day. Mealtimes can vary slightly depending on the school, though, they are usually:
Breakfast: 08.00 – 08.45
Lunch: 12.30 – 13.15
Dinner: 18.00 – 19.00

A packed lunch is provided on full-day excursions.

In New York, where a group does not want to have packed meals, a cash alternative is offered.

Are special dietary requirements catered for?

Special dietary requirements such as vegetarian, vegan, halal, gluten-free/celiac, and lactose intolerance can be catered for at most of our schools, but advance notice must be given.


Welfare and Health & Safety

Does TIE accept independent students?

We accept independent students, i.e. students travelling independently not as part of a group. We will name one staff member who will act as a “Group Leader”, be responsible for their supervision, provide support and pastoral care.

What are TIE summer schools rules?

We expect all students to behave respectfully and in line with our rules and the local laws, as well as those of the venue institution, while staying at TIE summer schools. Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct.

If a student breaks the school rules, they will be disciplined according to the procedure included in the TIE Student Code of Conduct.

How can students keep their valuables safe?

We recommend that students bring a lockable suitcase and that they do not bring laptops, tablets or other valuable items.

We advise students to be very careful with valuable items and money when they are off-site.

TIE is not responsible for the loss or theft of students’ property

Can the students leave the school without supervision?

Students can leave the school only accompanied by a member of the TIE staff or their Group Leader. They must have their parent’s written permission and be authorised by the Centre Manager.

Are there any first-aid qualified staff members at the school?

There is a suitable number of qualified First Aiders at each of our schools.

Can parents, guardians or relatives visit the students at the school?

TIE welcomes students’ parents, guardians and relatives to visit its summer schools.

TIE has a legal duty of care for the Health & Safety and well-being of all students and staff and therefore requires that all visitors and staff comply with TIE’s requirements for ID. Please ask for more information.

Will over-the-counter medication be administered if a student is not feeling well?

TIE will ask for permission from parents and guardians to administer over-the-counter medication in the parental consent form. If parents give permission, TIE staff will administer over-the-counter medication such as paracetamol, aspirin, ibuprofen and antiseptic cream.

The Programme

What is included in the Activity Programme?

Our Activity Programmes are designed to introduce international students to the local life and culture through a variety of exciting excursions and activities and to ensure that students have as much fun as possible during their stay.

Activities and excursions also allow our students to improve their conversation skills and their confidence in speaking English while making new friends and visiting famous locations.

Where there is an off-site excursion, transport and admissions, where applicable, are included.

What are the evening activities?

Evening activities will vary depending on the school. They generally include Quizzes, Talent Show & Fashion Show, Karaoke, Themed Discos, Team Challenges, Treasure Hunt.

Can students opt out of the programme?

Groups can opt out of the planned activities. The Group Leader will be required to sign a form and agree to take full responsibility for their students.

Independent students cannot opt out of the programme.

Where will the students go on excursions?

Excursion destinations vary depending on the school.  Please check the individual school Timetable for details.

Are students allowed free time on excursions?

Some excursions might include free time and TIE will ask for parental consent for free time in advance.

During free time:

  • students aged 12 years and over, with parental consent, are allowed unaccompanied free time and are recommended to stay in groups of four or more
  • students under 12 and students without parental consent must always be accompanied by a TIE staff member or their Group Leader

Can optional excursions be booked?

Optional excursions are offered both to groups and – based on minimum numbers – to independent students and can be booked at extra cost either before arriving at the school or at the school. Optional excursions booked at the school will be subject to a booking fee.

If you would like to book an optional excursion before arriving at the school please contact TIE sales team, while if you would like to book an optional excursion when you are at your school, speak to TIE management team. These excursions are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.

If an optional excursion does not go ahead, a full refund will be issued on-site.


What is the check-out time?

Check-out time on departure day will vary depending on the school, but it is generally at 09.00.

Where required, TIE staff will arrange some storage space for the luggage.


Are you part of Trinity the examination board?

No, we are not. They are a separate company, as are Trinity College, Dublin, Trinity College, London.