Student Safety

Student Safety

The safety and well-being of all our students, staff and Group Leaders is paramount for us. We are passionate about creating a friendly and safe atmosphere so parents do not have to worry about their precious child.

Not only do we provide staff who are responsible for welfare 24/7, but we also have a dedicated 24 hour emergency number for agents, group leaders, parents and students.

All students are issued with a student handbook and are given a full induction lesson highlighting student welfare, school safety and the local laws. Students are also supplied with an ID card which has the emergency number clearly written on it.

You can find important additional information below.

On arrival

All students are met by a representative of TIE. This could be a member of staff who will be wearing a purple, branded t-shirt and carrying a clearly displayed board with the name of the student.

On occasion, the representative may be a driver or other airport person who has been appointed by TIE.

Where there is a wait for the transfer to the school, students will be supervised by a member of TIE staff or representative. This may mean students being placed in an area where the staff make regular checks.

Medical & insurance

All students are offered, as part of their package, health, travel and cancellation insurance from a recognised international insurance company. Please click here for more information on the policy and cover.

While the COVID epidemic is still present in the world, most governments have relaxed their legislation regarding entry, isolating and testing. However, this can change at very short notice, so we encourage all students, parents and partners to make sure they are aware of the current regulations relating to both the destination country and that of their students.

We will, of course, advise as best we can, prior to the student’s departure.


Individual students

We accept independent students (not in a group and often described as independent students) and we pay particular attention to their welfare during their stay. They are assigned to the care of a TIE member of staff on-site, who will be responsible for them.

Risk assessment

This is a term that is not often understood outside the UK. Simply, it is a formal, documented assessment of the risks of all aspects of the programme, from the premises to excursions. This doesn’t mean that there is danger everywhere, but we use these to reduce or eliminate the risk, so you can be sure we have looked at everything to make sure the programme is safe.

Supervision & safeguarding policy

Safeguarding is another term that is not often found outside the UK. It just means how we look after students in our care. We have an extensive policy, though you can see an edited version on our website which will help you understand it a little better.

All students under the age of 18 are considered as minors, and often referred to as children. This means that they are subject to our safeguarding policy and different rules and regulations compared to adults.

Our levels of supervision can be found in our Safeguarding Policy.

Group Leaders are included in our supervision ratios as responsible adults, but are only responsible for the students they have accompanied.

18 year old students accepted on any of our programmes will be treated as minors during their stay with us and they are required to abide by all our policies.