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Trinity International Education aims to make a positive difference to its students’ lives through unforgettable experiences which involves everyone working together.









In a communication-hungry world, language is key. TIE believes that its courses and programmes will enable students to immerse  themselves in experiences which will enrich their present studies and future ambitions.


Commitment to
Students & Staff

We are a “people organisation” committed to treating everyone with care and respect, while  maintaining the safety and well-being of everyone.


Commitment comes from all stake holders knowing and understanding how we work and what is expected.


Transparency comes from being able to keep everyone informed at all levels, using all methods  available clearly, concisely, unambiguously.


Communication is only effective when we understand ad value each others’ points of view.


Everyone must be treated equally, regardless of their age, gender, racial heritage, religious beliefs  or sexual orientation or identity.


Following these values will enable us to deliver the highest quality.

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Mark Cook
Managing Director