Terms and conditions

Below are the Terms and Condition which apply to a Student booking directly with Trinity International Education (TIE). Where an Education Travel Agent (ETA) or Education Travel Operator (ETO) is working on behalf of a Student, the same terms apply, unless agreed otherwise in writing between TIE and the ETO or ETA.


Definition of Terms

This document will refer to terms which start with a capital letter, defined below. These terms may use plural or singular and have the same meaning.

Accreditation: the current accreditation awarded to TIE by Accreditation UK for its Courses and Programmes in the UK. It also refers to TIE’s online Courses

Booking Acceptance: confirmation of the receipt of the Student’s application for a Course or Programme

Booking Confirmation: the agreement between the Student and TIE for services provided according to TIE’s publicity materials

Course: the lessons provided by the Provider and studied by the Student

Group Leader: adult who accompanies a group of Students

Insurer: the insurance broker assigned by TIE

Programme: the package of services, including a Course, offered to the Student

Price List: the document(s) that TIE publish on its Website, listing the current prices for its Courses, Programmes and other services

School: the location sold by TIE at the destination where the Student will study

Student: the person attending the Course or Programme and/or parent or legal guardian where the Student is a minor in law (under the age of 18 years)

TIE: Trinity International Education Ltd (incorporated in England and Wales, 123456 and Trinity TS US Inc. in Delaware, 6632502 and New York, 6421847) the companies that provides the service(s) to the Student

Website: the Website with the URL trinityinted.com and all associated pages




TIE will place Students in single beds, in single sex rooms and flats in its residential accommodation. Where possible, accommodation blocks and/or floors will be designated as single sex.

In accordance with our Safeguarding Policy and best practice, any Students aged 18 or over will be accommodated in a single room and where there is an additional cost for this, the Student will have to pay this supplement.

Age Ranges

TIE states the age ranges for each School in its materials and it is our intention to maintain this. However, from time to time, a group may include a Student whose 18th birthday has been celebrated before travel to one of our Schools. TIE will hold a risk assessment for this and accommodate as though he or she is an adult. However, all other TIE rules and regulations for minors will apply to this Student.

At its discretion, TIE will accept Students who are outside the Age Range stated in our publicity.

Cancellations & Charges

Cancellations must be communicated to TIE in writing, either by electronic mail to [email protected] or by post to our registered office, either of which will be acknowledged by return.

Any cancellation more than 30 days prior to arrival will be refunded in full*

Any cancellation between 14 and 30 days prior to arrival will be refunded 75% of their fees

Any cancellation fewer than 14 days prior to arrival will be refunded 50% of their fees

Any cancellation after the Student’s scheduled day of arrival, or if the Student does not present themself at the School, will not receive any refund of fees paid.


* a fee of £10 per week booked will be charged to cover the cancellation of insurance if the cancellation of the booking is not covered by any of the clauses.

If a Student cancels due to a visa application being refused, a full refund will be made only when TIE receives the documentary evidence from the issuing embassy or consulate. Word of mouth is not an acceptable proof of refusal. It is recommended that Students apply for their visa as soon as is practicable.

Refunds will be made to the Student within 45 days of the receipt of the cancellation.


Certificate Reprints

If a Student requires a paper copy of their TIE certificate, a fee of £30 will be applicable to cover admin and postage. A pdf version of the certificate can be supplied at no cost.

Certificates that are issued by a third party, such as an examination board, will be subject to that provider’s cost. This cost will be advised of in advance.

Changes to Bookings

If there is a change of name to a Booking Acceptance, and the insurance cover has already been activated, TIE will charge the cost of the policy change. The cost will depend on the period of time of the booking.

Company Holiday Closure Dates

TIE closes during the days between Christmas (25 December) and New Year (1 January), and any weekend days before or after these dates.


TIE displays its Complaints Policy on the Website. We encourage any issues to be resolved locally preferably within 24 hours, by discussing with an on-site member of staff or manager, before escalating the complaint to TIE senior management and, in the case of any School in England and Wales, to an independent adjudicator as advised in the Complaints Policy. Please see the policy for full details.

Conduct & Expulsion

Students must conduct themselves within the law of the School’s jurisdiction and Students must also comply with the School’s rules, regulations and policies as stated on our Website, posted at the School or otherwise disseminated before or on the Student’s arrival, or at any other time during the Programme or Course.

TIE have a Student Code of Conduct posted on the Website which Students are required to read prior to arrival and follow during the Programme or Course.

A Student or Group Leader or group of Students may be asked to leave or be expelled without receiving any refund of fees if they:

  1. continually break the Student Code of Conduct
  2. commit or are involved in, or suspected of any criminal activity in the jurisdiction of the School
  3. give false or misleading information when supplying TIE with information about their application, including any omission of medical or health information that may lead to extra costs or resources incurred by TIE
  4. act in a way that might bring the reputation of TIE or the venue School into disrepute

All costs and expenses relating to an expulsion will be paid for by the Student.

TIE expects its staff to be treated with respect and TIE expects its staff to treat Students, Group Leaders and any other servant of TIE with respect.

Where a Student refuses to pay for these extra costs or be unwilling to be expelled, the Student will be accompanied to the nearest Embassy or Consulate for their government to manage the Student.

Damages & Loss

TIE accepts no responsibility for loss or damage at the School, or in transit between the School and port of entry or when on any excursion or activity arranged by the School, which cannot be proved to be caused by the negligence of TIE.

Students will be required to lodge a deposit on arrival. The amount will be communicated in advance. This deposit is refunded to the Student when departing the School, subject to any loss or damage incurred by the Student.

Data Protection

TIE complies with Data Protection legislation in the UK according to the Data Protection Act 2018. Our Privacy Policy states how we use Student’s data and how we retain it.

Force Majeure

The following are examples of Force Majeure that may be applied if a Course or Programme or any other service which TIE provides is cancelled:

  • cancellation or change due to delays in travel services
  • strikes
  • natural disasters
  • war or the threat of war
  • acts of terrorism
  • quarantine
  • pandemic declared by the government of England and Wales or the sovereign state of the Student
  • weather
  • sickness
  • any other act of God
  • any other event outside the control of the company


Immigration and Visas

Students may require a visa to study at one of our Schools. It is the Student’s responsibility to make sure they have the correct visa and TIE takes no responsibility for obtaining the correct documents to enter the School’s location.

Immigration authorities may require extra information if the Student is a minor. It is the responsibility of the Student to make themselves aware of this and TIE accepts no responsibility for any refusals of entry at the border, unless TIE has been negligent in its supplying of information required by any immigration authority.

For “cancellation due to a visa refusal”, please see our Cancellations and Charges section.


Students and accompanying adults must be insured before they travel. TIE provides travel and health insurance to all Students as part of the Package sold, according to our current Price List or quotation sent by TIE.

The policy is provided by a reputable Insurer and it is up to the Student to ensure that the cover provided is sufficient for their purposes and meets the needs of the Student and their circumstances. Summary policies are available on our Website.

All claims must be made by the Student and it cannot be assumed that all expenses incurred, or compensation, will be paid in advance by the Insurer. TIE accepts no responsibility for the success or otherwise of an insurance claim.

Please note that the insurance cover offered includes cancellation cover and the cover is activated once the Student has made payment of a deposit or the full fees. Any cancellation of the Course or Package, for whatever reason, will incur a charge of £10 per week to cover the cost of the policy.

Please see our Website for more details about insurance.

Language Levels

Where a minimum level of English is required, TIE is not responsible for a Student’s level not being high enough to study on that Course. Where this happens, TIE will make all efforts to find an alternative. No refund will be given.


TIE does not accept liability for personal injury or the death of any student unless caused by the proven negligence of TIE or its servants.

Neither does TIE accept any liability for the loss or damage of any property belonging to students or Group Leaders.

Due to the uncertainty around COVID-19 or any other pandemic declared by governments, TIE reserves the right to make changes to the Programme to accommodate directives from governments.

Parental Consent & Student Welfare

TIE requires one parent or legal guardian to give signed consent for their son or daughter to travel on a Course or Package sold by TIE.

The method of written consent will be advised of once the Booking has been confirmed. The consent will also require information regarding the Student which is sensitive personal data and will be treated as such under our Data Protection Policy.

Where this information is not supplied prior to the Student’s arrival, TIE will ask the Student to provide such information as to ensure that TIE can look after the Student and apply best practice in doing so.

It is the responsibility of the Student to declare any health, medical, physical or mental or allergy conditions. Failure to do so, may result in charges which the Student will pay or, in extreme circumstances, lead to re-patriation at the Student’s expense.

Payments & Prices

Payments must be made by bank transfer to the bank account as detailed in your invoice. The payment must be equal to the amount due for the services provided as listed in the Price List or your quotation, as issued by TIE.

Payment must be made as follows:

  • To secure your place, we require a 20% deposit within 7 days of sending the Booking
  • Final payment is due 30 days before arrival
  • If the Booking Confirmation is less than 30 days before arrival, full payment will be necessary to confirm the Student’s place on the Course or Programme
  • All Prices in our Price List or other publicity materials include all taxes unless specified otherwise.

Policies & Procedures

TIE operates under a suite of various policies and procedures. Students will find some on our Website and other policies will be made available before or during the Course or Programme.


TIE will occasionally arrange for photos or videos to be taken at the School or on excursions or activities for publicity purposes only. Where the Student does not want to take part, they are responsible for absenting themselves from the area where the filming or photography is taking place, TIE will seek permission to use this imagery from the Student and we will ask the Student and parent to opt in.

This does not include students in crowd shots that are taken from such a distance that they cannot be identified.


TIE places the safeguarding and well-being of Students, staff and leaders alike at the top of our priorities. We have a robust Safeguarding Policy available on our Website.

Services Provided

TIE reserves the right to make changes to any of its services, Courses, timetables, locations, accommodation, facilities and dates at any time where circumstances are outside of TIE’s control. TIE will make all efforts to provide the same or similar services previously offered.

Timetables shown in our publicity are samples and are subject to change.

TIE holds Accreditation for the delivery of English Language Courses at its Schools in the UK.


Transfers and Travel

Transfers are only included in the price where it is clearly stated. Otherwise, a transfer supplement will apply, according to our published Price List. Prices supplied on request.

TIE requires the Student to supply their inbound and outbound flight details no less than 28 days prior to arrival, except in the case of bookings which fall within 28 days prior to arrival, when they should be provided at the time of booking.

TIE cannot accept responsibility for the transfer of a Student where this information has been supplied late or incorrectly. Where the Student is a minor, any expenses incurred by TIE due to incorrect flight details or when they are not supplied in time to be included in our transfers schedule will be charged to the Student.

Similarly, delayed flights which cause the Student to arrive after our transfer vehicle has departed, will incur similar charges to be paid for by the Student. It may be possible to claim these expenses from the insurance policy that TIE supplies as part of the package.

Students who are brought to or collected from the School must arrange in advance these times and dates. Identification must be produced before any Student can be released to an adult for collection. Where the adult collecting the Student is not the parent or legal guardian, consent must be given in advance and TIE will supply the forms on demand from the Student.


Validity of Terms and Conditions

TIE reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions.

TIE will advise the Student when there is a material change where the change is made after the Booking Confirmation.


Updated: 31 March 2023