Age Range Policy


It is the policy of Trinity International Education (TIE) to accept students who fall within the age range of the courses provided in our promotional materials, including our website. The student should have reached the required age by the beginning of the course.


Only students who are in a group, under the supervision of a Group Leader, will be allowed to attend the school if they are outside the age range.

For students who are younger or older than the age range of the course, the following is taken into consideration before accepting the student:

Any student who is up to and including 12 months outside the age range of a given course may be accepted on the course at the discretion of the company senior management

Examples of this are:

  • a son*, daughter* or other close family relative** of an accompanying International Group Leader
  • a sibling* of an attending student who falls into the age range
  • a student from a large group where the majority are within the age range.

A son or daughter or other close family relative** of an accompanying Group Leader who is more than 12 months younger than the age range may, on the discretion of the company senior management, accompany the group, but will not be allowed to attend the academic aspect of the course. They may be required to share a room with the Group Leader.

Any student who is 18 or will be 18 years old before the end of the course is only permitted to attend the course at the discretion of the company senior management. Students, parents, legal guardians and third-party agents are required to read our 18 year-old Student Policy and

All students who do not fall within the age range of a course, must have a disclaimer form completed and signed by the parent(s) and the agent, where applicable.

TIE will carry out a risk assessment for all students who are outside the age range to ensure that everything has been taken into consideration to ensure the safety and safeguarding of the student in question.

*          This student will be up to 12 months younger than the age range if they want to attend the course.

**        nephew, niece, cousin, brother, sister, grand-son, grand-daughter

***      An 18-year-old who attends any residential school must be accommodated in a single room or in a shared room with another 18 year-old.



Students 18 years or over

TIE may accept some students  18-year-old or over at its summer schools. TIE will only accept these students travelling as part of a group and will not accept 18-year-old students travelling without a Group Leader.

This policy aims to set clear guidelines on the behaviour expected by 18-year-old students when attending TIE summer schools.

Behaviour Expectations

This is a Young Learner programme, aimed at students who are technically minors, unless otherwise specified.

While a student may be 18 years or  over and therefore, in law, be treated as an adult, the student, while on the TIE programme, must abide by the Student Code of Conduct, to include smoking, drinking alcohol and other activities which may be seen as relevant for an adult

Other Information

However, as an 18 year old, and therefore in law an adult, TIE will manage accommodation and lessons accordingly.

This means that an 18 year old may not share a room with a student under 18 years.

We can only place an 18 year old in a class with students aged 16 or over.